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"Close your eyes! Don't look, Shigeo!"

this isn't where i wanted to take this piece but sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches

An Anonymous user asked:

13 and 19 for the artist asks :)

13. What music do you listen to while drawing?

I like to listen to podcasts while I draw! My current fav podcast is the trypod

19. What do you draw when you have art block?

I usually draw one of my OCs or something

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just uploading old art slowly

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Artist Asks

pweacho -

I haven't seen any of these asks for artists so i made my own B) feel free to reblog!

  1. Your favorite utensil to draw with

  2. Least favorite utensil to draw with

  3. What medium do you usually do?

  4. Favorite drawing app?

  5. What's your favorite part of drawing? (Lineart, coloring, etc...)

  6. What's your least favorite part of drawing?

  7. Do you draw your characters facing left or right?

  8. What do you struggle with the most?

  9. What is the best aspect of your art style?

  10. How did you develop your art style?

  11. What inspires you?

  12. What inspired your art style?

  13. What music do you listen to while drawing?

  14. What's your favorite thing to draw?

  15. What's your least favorite thing to draw?

  16. What do you draw when you're feeling sad/anxious?

  17. Which color combination do you love?

  18. Favorite color to work with?

  19. What do you draw when you have art block?

  20. What do you wish people would notice when they see your art?

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Honestly i've just been needin a little lapis in my life

so among my many monstrosities that I made in creative mode, I built a huge bridge in the sky with walls of water on either side and some llamas got caught in the water

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what if we addressed the users of this place as waterfy'all

sometimes I’m just like

so happy to know my identity like yea I’m nb and there’s nothing y’all cishets can do about it

Sketch of a different girl from French class (3/3)

Sketch of a girl from French Class (2/3)

Sketch of a dude who was on my bus (1/3)

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no lie tho i love this website ... it scratches the itch i have for tumblr without being terrible and in fact while being Actually Nice

i stayed out of the terrible parts of tumblr as best i could so it didn't feel too terrible but being here makes me realize, Wow it was pretty terrible .... it's lovely here

thank u thell + all the other staff + the gr8 community here,,,waterfall is my new home

too bad! y'all are stuck with me from now on B)

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Being on a website where I don't have to blacklist ace discourse is... good

bisexuals are valid

Me: opens tumblr tm

tumblr: Discorse and politics

me: retreats back to my waterfall home

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Reblog this post so we can try to find all the blogs on here and follow each other!

life goals-

hug dog

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the only discourse i want to see on this site is the about the best way to cook eggs

its scrambled

greatkingrat -

It is clearly scrambled with cheese.

monsterofwisewomen -

soft boiled! 7 minutes!

sparky -

yallre crazy

the only real answer is never eat eggs because theyre disgusting

corky-deactivated-2020MayWed-200513010536-3133 -

no!! eggs good!!

innsjo -

the best way to eat eggs is in a quiche

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*goes on tumblr for one (1) minute*

*immediately sees discourse*

*retreats back to waterfall*

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BIG mood

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I'm still not very good, one of these is incomplete

My classroom is literally to dark to work in what am I supposed to do

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very cool and epic meme which i encourage you to share with your friends, family and coworkers

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<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Birth of a Guardian</span>

I know I already posted this in my big post at the beginning, but I felt it deserved it's own post (the others I'll leave there 'cause it works for now).